Mission EQcure

Balancing rider and horse, making it optimal for the combination. Provide guidance on balancing the combination, in addition to veterinary surgeons and in addition to thorough riding lessons, so blockades and injuries can be resolved quickly and better results achieved.

Vision EQcure

When riders and horses are emotionally, physically and mentally in balance, more pleasure and less effort can be achieved, they maximize their ability and their mutual relationship. This leads to more happiness, more satisfaction and better results.

Who is EQcure?

Marjolein Lagrand (1967)

Since 1986 she has worked in representative, customer-oriented and facilitating jobs. Het high degree of solution-oriented, caring and communicative skills form a thread. She is strong in distinguishing main and incident, and is particularly good in organizing, coordinating and planning. The love for animals has been there for as long as she can remember and feels a huge attraction for horses. From het childhood, Marjolein has been riding horses. From this passion she is consciously developing further to help them. With EQcure she adds to the regular treatment methods of the vet, and supports solid horse riding lessons and instructions and reveals the cause of inexplicable behavior of horses. Marjolein guides both, riders and horses, apart from each other, or in combination. It helps them to detect and correct imbalances, balancing them physically, mentally and emotionally. Activate the self-healing ability in case of injuries, lifting of blockages, leaving the road free to maximize fun and riding results for both, rider and horse.

Marjolein Lagrand: “Every rider and every hrse is unique. Also any combination of horse and rider is unique. I take my kick from my contribution to their well-being and success. I can get no bigger gift!”