Difficult period ended by treatment

After a long bad period that my daughter and her pony had I decided to look further to find a solution.
All went so well, competition after competition (show-jumping) she had won. Until a specific class.
Black (the pony) changed totally and we did not know what to do.
I saw how this influenced my daughter and as a mother this felt painful.
I did not hesitate any longer and decided to ask my friend Marjolein for help.
Then it happened….Marjolein arrived early in the morning and took my daughter in a room for a one on one session.
Full of tension and curiousity I waited….
After the session Marjolein treated the combination, my daughter and her pony Black.
Wonderful, exciting, unbelievable were the first words I thought.
The reaction of Black was what impressed me most.
The redeeming words…. Black had a problem with performance directed competitions.
This was also partly influenced by the former owners.
Indeed, my daughter started to ask more and the show jumping obstacles became higher, so Marjolein could have been right.
Besides the treatment Marjolein tought my daughter how she and her pony could prepare for a competition.
From my point of view the treatment was a success, we only had to see the results during the shows.
On their next shows the results were as we were used to, great.
It was certainly not a coincidence.

Also our other pony Pearly had a treatment by Marjolein after a lot of veterinarian check ups.
Marjolein advised for further check ups and treatments, and so we did. The result after: my daughter and Pearly made a great combination again.

Therefor I want to thank Marjolein in for her help, support and especially her love….

It was a great experience.