Solving stress issues!

Elected to ride for the Zuid-Holland Cup at the CHIO in Rotterdam.

In spite of the challenge and the wonderful idea to go and ride at the CHIO I was so stressed out.
Marjolein had signaled the stress I had and said there was a solution , a treatment with her. We made an appointment a couple of days before the dressage competition.
First she contacted with my horse. After that she treated us both, in combination.
When we were finished I went riding.
The big day had arrived. I had an appointment with Marjolein for a short treatment just before riding the competition. This was part of releasing myself from the stress.
I went to the arena and the moment I arrived I heard a lot of people jelling cheers at me, the encouragers were supporting me. I waved at them (what about the stress… I normally never was so relaxed) and started my dressage competition.
I will never forget this evening, because that same evening my horse and me were number 1. I will always remember this day. It’s about a ones in a lifetime experience to ride at the CHIO.